Commuter’s / Road User’s Comments & Feedback – 2014

As commuters and / or road users, what are the pros and cons you have witnessed with regard to the way:

  • the Phoenix Taxi Association is run and
  • the way in which taxi drivers service the community

What changes would you suggest?




Like it?… Don’t like it? … Log it here and Improve it!

Critique, suggestions, concerns, a vote of  appreciation or thanks? Log it here with a view to improving the service you receive.

If you have experienced poor conduct or reckless driving at the hands of taxi drivers within this service area, lodge a formal complaint with the Phoenix Taxi Association (PTA). Be sure to reference the number plate or key visual markers (graphics / names) on the taxi to pinpoint the offending taxi driver.

Please note: The administrators of this Blog are neither employees nor members of the Phoenix Taxi Association. Our About page highlights the objective of both this Site and it’s corresponding Facebook page.

Should you wish to contact the PTA directly about issues raised herein, their details are as follows:
Phoenix Taxi Association
Shop 113  Phoenix Plaza, 19 Parthenon St, Starwood, 4068
Tel:  031 5004279
Fax: 031 5008713